Over 20 Years of Helping Israeli Students Reach Their Dreams

GMAX was founded in 1994 in Tel Aviv, to serve potential MBA students who needed very high GMAT grades.

Since then, GMAX has created courses in English for the Israeli Psychometric Test, the SAT, GED, GRE, and TOEFL.

We know that all of these tests are all knowledge-based exams and that simple tricks and quick strategies just can't get the grades high enough. We provide students with a broad and deep knowledge of every section. We teach each segment (whether it is Math, Logic or Verbal Reasoning) from the ground up, making it very clear and understandable for every student, no matter his or her previous experience. Our commitments to your success is what separates us from all the others. Our students study hard, they know that their future career depends on it.

From the first course and until now, the grades earned have been so high that our reputation is number one with Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, IDC Herzilia and all of the major universities in Israel. GMAX has earned its reputation by being aware of the needs of the student, and by satisfying these needs. GMAX has grown by word of mouth, from student to student. People who need a high grade always seem to find GMAX. We invite you to join the success.

Take the test once, but take it well!

Why us?

Authentic practice tests

Top, proven instructors

Thousands of practice questions

Official workbooks from the best US publishers

Most importantly, our students love GMAX courses because they know we give them our maximum effort so that they can get maximum results.