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The Most Comprehensive GED course in Israel

Get Your High school Diploma

The most comprehensive and exclusive GED course in Israel - Made especially for new imigrants to Israel who don't have their High School diploma.

The course takes place in Tel Aviv Mondays and Thursdays from 5PM-9PM (contact us for an exact schedule).  You will learn all the sections of the test - Math, English, Science and Social Studies - in a very easy to understand way!

​GMAX has been preparing students successfully for the GED test for over 15 years.

The GED tests 4 different topics

Who is eligible to take the GED?

If you lived abroad and came to Israel after 14 years of age, all major universities in Israel will accept your GED diploma as an American high school diploma.

Additionally, all American colleges accept the GED instead of a high school diploma.

The GED TEST is given in Ramat Gan. To schedule a test go to the official GED website.

In Israel, the GED test that is given is the 2014 series.

A new course for the GED begins twice a year. The GMAX course is exceptional because it covers each topic right from the beginning. Students will not feel left behind or "in the dark". The course is designed for English speakers that born abroad.

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