GMAX The school that delivers success! Our school was established in 1993.Our program is the only one in Israel which prepares students for the Integrated Psychometric Exam in English. We work with the college preparation programs for new immigrants at Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University and Hebrew University.
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GMAT Course
A full (verbal and math) / math only course conducted in English to increase language convenience and retrieval during exam. The GMAT is an entrance test required by most MBA programs worldwide.

English Psychometric 2014
Jenny is an ambitious girl who grew up in California. After high school, Jenny joined the Sherut Leumi program and worked with special-needs children. In her second year of Sherut Leumi, Jenny began to think about what she would like to study in university. "I was very confused about what I would like to learn and what university I wanted to go to. I was nervous about taking the psychometric test. Even though I always wanted to study physical therapy I was not sure if I would get the score I needed on the psychometric test and whether I would be accepted."
In Israel, the psychometric test is required of all university applicants. Psychometric tests are offered in many languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, Russian and English."I knew that I needed to take the psychometric test and I wanted to take it in English, I asked some of my friends if they were going to take it in English and they told me that, not only can I take the test in English, I can take a prep course in English too. When I heard that, I was very relieved, I had thought that the only courses were in Hebrew"
Jenny joined a psychometric course together with some of her friends. "The course was everything I had hoped it would be. We got loads of study materials and the teachers were very good. I made sure to come to all of the classes and also studied every day for about 2 hours. My hard work paid off. After 3 months of study I took the test and scored 730! I never imagined how many doors would open for me because of my score. I think my advice to other students would be to work a little harder, focus on your goals, and believe in yourself!

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Karen- 738 on the English Psychometric

Shira - 729 on the English Psychometric

Jason- 685 on the English Psychometric

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